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There are key practices that can lead to an effective workshop. Some important tips include:

– Having a clear goal. What should you accomplish during the workshop and what new knowledge or skills will participants attending the workshop have at the end?

-Focusing on the learner. Engage participants during the workshop by incorporating discussions, problem-solving tasks, or brainstorming activities. Avoid simply lecturing to them.

-Allowing the participants time to reflect. The needs of the participants may differ and allowing them time to think about how the content can apply to their needs will increase the chances that they will apply the content after the workshop is over.

Keeping these tips in mind when designing a workshop program can help ensure that it is effective and that participants leave with something that they can use in the future.

About the Author: Allison Staffin has spent her career at Cherry Hill High School West in New Jersey where she currently works as an Assistant Principal. Over the course of her career in education administration, she has designed and conducted numerous workshops on topics that ranged from assessment to using testing data to inform instruction.


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As the Assistant Principal of Cherry Hill High School West, Allison Staffin currently handles a wide range of administrative and educational responsibilities.

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